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Chair offer

I very often get advertisements in my mailbox and many of them are these one day offers. Last week I used one of them, it was the first time. It was a good offer for a nice chair. The thing is that we wanted to buy a new chair and we had already looked at this particular model. And now it came with a discount of around 200 euro! So I took the offer, paid for it (that was a confition) and now we have to wait until two weeks before christmas, when the chair will be in the shop ...


Nu är det fredag och dom flesta firar väl det med att ta det lugnt hemma och mysa i soffan, eller slå klackarna i taket, eller med en god middag! Jag däremot är snart på väg till jobbet, för det är min tur att jobba helg, ni vet nyheter sover aldrig! Även om man önska det ibland! Senast ut är ju det att kronprinsessan är gravid, och det är ju jätte stora nyheter, så det blir nog ett reportage om det i söndags bilaga, mer kan jag inte säga, ni får väl läsa helt enkelt i tidningen! Ska packa mina ...

A conference in France

I got a tip from a friend that you can have conferences in brittany in a castle. And I thought to myself that it got to be a great experience to have a conference in a castle. It's not everyday you do that! I'm going to check what the price is and plan everything and hope that it works out. We've been planning to have a conference for quite a white now and this place looks great! It looks like a place where you can focus and really enjoy the conference.